In-House Tournament

Our annual in-house tournament provides a great opportunity for students to experience a tournament setting while in a safe and comfortable setting. This tournament happens every March and is usually only attended by Tang Soo Do 2000 students.


End of School Ninja Night Party

At the end of each school year, Tang Soo Do   2000 hosts a fun “ninja night” party for children who attend our kids classes and their friends. This party entertains children for four hours through a variety of games, talent shows, and toy auctions. The tickets that children receive at the end of their evening classes throughout the year are used as “money” during the toy auction.

Rogue River Raft Trip

Every summer, Tang Soo Do 2000 plans a day trip to go over to Shady Cove and raft the Rogue River, but this isn’t a normal rafting trip. Students take water guns and have a water war all the way down the river (younger children may not enjoy this). About halfway down the river, there is a small store/deli that we stop at to eat lunch. Students who join us on the raft trip are always welcome to join us for Mexican food in Shady Cove before driving home.

Advanced Belt Camp

Each year, we take our advanced students on a three day camping trip. This trip is designed to facilitate the formation of better friendships between advanced students that they will need as they face the challenges associated with getting closer to black belt. Students who are 13 years and older and 3rd stripe green belts and higher are allowed to attend Advanced Belt Camp.

Halloween Ninja Night Party

Before Halloween every year, Tang Soo Do 2000 hosts a fun “ninja night” party for children who attend our kids classes and their friends. Children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes and participate in a costume contest ans well as other games throughout the evening. There is also a toy auction that children can participate in by bringing the tickets they receive at the end of class and spending them like money to buy toys.