Red Belt Testing – April 2019

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On April 6th, we held the first of two Red Belt Testings for the 2019 year. Red Belt Testings are always held on Saturdays, as they can last anywhere from 5 to 8 hours.

This testing, we had 1 student testing for her 1st degree Red Belt, 1 testing for her 3rd Degree Red Belt, and 2 students pre-testing to help prepare themselves for black belt.

During their tests, students had to do all of their forms and weapons forms, as well as perform an open form they created themselves. They also had to show their skills with basic techniques, self-defense, and sparring. Lastly, each student had to break a wooden board with a technique of their choice.

To see more pictures, from these events as well as others, like our Tang Soo Do 2000 Facebook Page.